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#tbt to one of the first events Damian and I attended as a couple. 4 months later and all thats changed is that we love each other more. Its been 4 months as of today since ive committed to this amazing man, and through every struggle we’ve had we only become stronger. Hoping for many more months and years with the greatest love ive ever had. #love #ravercouple #raverlife #edm #truelove #soulmates #monthiversary #4th #kandi

I made my bf and I matching singles reading “Loyalty”. He and I have had our difficulties recently, but things are looking up and as a way to acknowledge this, i put this together. Despite all the challenges he and I have faced in our relationship, we stayed loyal to each other and have never failed to be there for each other. I used slightly nicer beads because pony beads are just not romantic. #ravecouple #edm #truelove #kandikid #singles #loyalty

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